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Bismillahirrohmanirrohim….. Akhirnya saya memberanikan diri untuk nge-blog dengan alamat http://dwidhaswara.wordpress.com. Sebenarnya dunia blog sudah tidak asing bagi saya. Semenjak awal Tahun 2009 sudah menjadi pembaca dan pengamat blog, terutama blog tentang otomotif seperti agregrator Indomotoblog, Otobloger Indonesia (OBI) dan Koboys. Tapi menulis di blog adalah sebuah pengalaman baru…. 😀

Saya senang dunia otomotif, sehingga account facebook saya http://facebook.com/dwidhaswara pun full membahas tentang perkembangan otomotif, sampai-sampai beberapa status pun menjadi bahan tulisan bagi rekan-rekan blogger. Semoga blog saya ini menjadi media sharing yang bermanfaat. Mohon do’a dan supportnya. Wassalam.

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Dadicus Grinch

“Atticus was right. One time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.”    — Scout Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird

These words, that Scout recalls on the front porch of Boo Radley’s house, embody a theme that has gotten me to this point in my life: understanding another’s point of view.

I never realized how much I resented my father until I had a son.  At the age of thirty-five, my wife and I were blessed with a little, breathing miracle.  Along with all of the tenderness and frustration that accompanies a newborn, I found myself becoming resentful of my own childhood.  I am a part of a generation where more and more men and women view parenting as a mutually shared experience.  Yet, as I held my boy, as I rocked him to sleep, as I…

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Maria's Blog

One of the flowers in my father’s garden.. It’s simple, but beautiful. One thing about photographing, which I like most, is that you see the world from a different angle. From a different perpective, and that you take your time to watch Gods creation, instead of just running past it…

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Restlessness dripping, as from a faucet that won’t shut off

You in your house of loved and unloved ones and me in mine

One day a reason will find its way to explain, won’t it?

Or is this the consequence, never attaining an understanding


Some would say we got off easy

“some” don’t know a damned thing, though


There is an ever-winding path that brings my thoughts

Back to you, against my will

Somewhere a bluesy voice sings a song about a rainbow, and

Finding a dream that comes true

Mine stands in the distance, over where you live;

Color washed away


Innocents die as I cry

Tears of selfish loss

I’ve got an empty rainbow




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Đông Thiên

Chương 54: Ngòi nổ


Thứ bảy, ngày x tháng x. Thời tiết: âm u.


Hôm nay là ngày đầy mây, bầu trời đều là mây màu xám, thật giống như mặt baba mình, đen thui. Baba mình gần đây tâm tình cũng không tốt, mình không biết tại sao, hỏi bạn học, bọn họ nói có phải tới thời kỳ mãn kinh không? Thời kỳ mãn kinh là cái thứ gì?

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